​Psychiatric Technician​​​​​​

The Psychiatric Technician program offers standard and fast-track certifications and associates degrees. The program is accredited by the Board of Vocational Nurses and Psychiatric Technicians.  Psychiatric Technicians are active members of interdisciplinary healthcare teams in the forefront of care and treatment of Californians with mental illness or developmental disabilities.  The profession of Psychiatric Technician is one that attracts those who truly want to help improve the quality of life for some of the most needy or vulnerable individuals in today's society. Graduates of the Psychiatric Technician program enjoy nearly 100% employment following graduation.

The Psychiatric Technician Three-Semester program is a patient-centered program operated in cooperation with hospitals and healthcare agencies.  A certificate in Psychiatric Technician is granted by the college after completion of the program and you will be eligible to take the licensure examination shortly after graduation.

The Psychiatric Technician program offers a Fast-Track option that includes an apprenticeship administered at Napa State Hospital.  In this program you are registered as a student at Napa Valley College, but all coursework is completed at Napa State Hospital and you work as an apprentice at Napa State Hospital.  Admission to this program is not administered or processed by the college; you​ must apply via the Department of State Hospitals. See link below.  This program is a joint program with the Department of State Hospitals, the Joint Apprenticeship Committee of California, and Napa Valley College.​

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