​LGBT Education​​​

The LGBT Education program prepares you to pursue careers in a variety of fields that serve LGBTQ populations.  This program supports you, if you are currently earning a certificate or degree in child development, education, criminal justice, human services, all health occupations, business and hospitality. It is ideal for you, if you are working with and serving members of the LGBTQ community. The program also prepares you for transfer to colleges and universities offering advanced degrees in LGBT Studies. 

The interdisciplinary nature of the program and its attention to diversity and inclusivity in occupations that serve the public, provides valuable career training for future and incumbent teachers who are required to deliver curriculum required by California's Fair and Inclusive Education Act. It prepares you, if you are entering or currently serving in the variety of health occupations and criminal justice positions with necessary information to better serve patients and the public. It uniquely prepares you, if you are entering skilled technical careers with information and tools to work within a diverse group of colleagues. Furthermore, it is ideal for you, if you are interested in working for non-profit organizations related to the LGBT community.​​​​

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