The English program provides fundamental skills in reading, writing, and research—but more than that, English courses serve you across academic disciplines by laying a foundation for critical thinking, textual analysis, argumentation and creative expression.

As an English major, you develop an understanding of language and its power to inform, describe, persuade, and entertain. You develop the confidence to break down complex arguments and texts and also build nuanced, comprehensive responses. You learn to proofread, edit, and refine written pieces in order to create clear, concise and effective communication. In so doing, you ready yourself to engage as an active participant in your chosen profession and follow a path of leadership.

The NVC English Transfer Degree will help prepare you for more advanced composition and literary study at four-year u​niversities. Yet the skills it reinforces—analysis and interpretation, interpersonal communication, in-depth researching, understanding contexts, synthesizing information, building arguments and propositions—​will also prepare you for a range of career paths.​

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